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Decoding the Matrix with SCIO / INDIGO / EDUCTOR

Dear Quantum Collegues,
After the success of our Basic Training Course provided during the holidays, we are happy to announce the next course:
"Decoding the Matrix, How to Achieve the Best Results with your Clients using the Scio/Indigo/Eductor"

The Matrix is the key to the Scio/Indigo/Eductor.  Understanding the Matrix allows you to design a comprehensive program according to your clients bio-chemical individuality to balance any health condition that is present.
Dr. Violetta Anninou (PhD) will teach a comprehensive understanding of the Matrix along with explanations of how to use the thousands of remedies encoded within the Matrix to assist your clients in achieving long term balance and health on all levels with even most difficult of cases.  This is an essential class for all quantum biofeedback practitioners who are serious about getting the best optimal results with their device.
Decoding the Matrix, the Essential Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of the Scio/Indigo/Eductor, is designed to provide you,  the practitioner  with a comprehensive knowledge of how to use the more than eleven thousand four hundreds times in the Matrix. The basis of the class is MUST for every quantum biofeedback practitioner and it is invaluable .
Phone today to Dr. Violetta Anninou, PhD., or myself Malvina Anninou to reserve your seat. Spaces are limited.
This an offer.  Normal price for this one-day event is 285 USD (U.S.A), Seminar Discount  Special price will beONLY 100 Euro with coffee/tea and snacks included.
This is a ONE TIME EVENT so you should NOT MISS!!!
We will provide you the recording, so no need to bring your cameras.
Day.  Saturday, February 22 2014
Location. Quantum Iasis, Ethnikis Antistaseos 61, Chalandri
Time 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Registration starts at 9.15
This is a very intensive course so please be focused.  Questions may be asked at the last half hour of the seminar.

Certification will be provided, 10 CEU Credits will be given upon completion of the course.

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