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Covid-19: Update for Protective Measures & Online Options

As we all experienced unprecedented situations – professionally, socially, and personally – We thought it necessary, now that quarantine measures are being de-escalated, to share with you some thoughts and useful information. First of all, we would like to thank you very much for your great patience in implementing strict measures.


Based on the protection of public health, of course, the greater safety of our clients, friends, and family and also the better provision of Quantum Biofeedback Services, we have developed stricter measures than our existing and approved protocols:




1) Disinfection of spaces:


All surfaces in our office are sprayed, disinfected after each client. All surfaces are passed with a UV light sterilizer. At least half an hour has elapsed since the previous client leaves and we air the space accordingly for better oxygenation. If you arrive earlier we will ask you to wait outside until we finish with our previous client.


2) We will wear a mask, gloves, and surgical booties.


3) Using a mask, gloves, and surgical booties:


We have purchased disposable masks, gloves, and surgical booties so that every client who enters our office, not only wears a mask but also in the right way, that is, the mask covers the area above the nose and we do not touch it with our hands even if we wear gloves. At the greeting from entering the premises, we will instruct you specifically the way to wear the disposable mask, gloves, and surgical booties.


4) Hand cleaning:


Upon entering our office, you will be given surgical booties. Clean your hands with antiseptic gel. You will put the mask on. Attendance at the restroom will be mandatory for hand washing. Paper towels only and they are properly disposed of. Spare gloves and extra antiseptic gel are provided. Wearing the gloves, masks, and surgical booties ourselves, but also all our visitors, dramatically reduces the chance of transmitting the virus.


5) Quantum Biofeedback Sessions with appropriate measures of distance and personal hygiene of each Client:


We accept one client at a time so there is ample distance. Examining chair is covered with protective disposable paper from head to toe. We will try to prioritize the sessions implementing those that are most urgent to reduce the stress of each client for a smoother daily life. As things get back to normal and the measures are not so strict we ask for your understanding.


6) Escorts:


For security reasons only 1 escort is permitted in our office or outside during evaluation and Quantum Biofeedback Therapy at the Center. You understand that this reason is based on the extraordinary measures we must take on these difficult days. Of course, if any of our clients due to mobility problems or special circumstances, require to be accompanied by a relative or a friend who helps them, what we mentioned for the precautions above for the clients will also be required for the attendant who will be present.


7) At the end of the session payments by card or cash again will be sterilized.


8) Upon exit masks, gloves and surgical booties will be properly disposed of leaving our office.


9) Mobile phones upon entering will be closed and in your purse or outside at the reception.


10) Keeping a distance of 1.5 meters


11) It is important not to exchange things (such as pens, banknotes, coins, etc.) if they have not been sterilized.


12) Coughing or sneezing only on your elbow or tissue that should be thrown away immediately in a trash can.


13) Do not put your hands in your mouth, nose, or eyes.


14) No eating food during the session or in the waiting area.


15) If someone has a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, they should let us know immediately and stay home until they feel completely well. They have the option to do a long-distance remote session via Skype.


Below we mention the options that someone who cannot attend our office has:


Online Consultation

Online Consultation is aimed at providing holistic suggestions for improving nutrition, reducing toxins, informing about the appropriate dietary supplements, herbs, and foods -according to the medical history, symptoms and microbiological exams which each individual has – for optimal health, ideal weight, stronger immune system, and better psychological state.


Subspace Remote Healing Session

Subspace Long Distance Remote Healing is like wireless technology. One example of wireless technology is the garage with its remote control that operates wirelessly. The mobile phone works wireless in an even longer distance. There just has to be a sender and a receiver. In the case of the Subspace treatment, the sender is the EDUCTOR device and the receiver is the person. When a person is born, he has a very specific energy, which makes him distinct and unique in the quantum world. A long distant treatment is possible with your consent giving your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and your energetic information in the device with your specific DNA so the EDUCTOR can identify the “receiver”. In scientific circles, this method is known as non-local healing. The quantitative (atomic) electro-magnetic fields of the human body, including conscious and subconscious energy forces, have been measured and shown to extend beyond the limits of the human body. There is no known limit to the distance traveled by these measured energy forces.


→ For a more complete understanding of this treatment, we can send you a manual that explains in more detail what Subspace Remote Healing is and how it works.


We want you to know that your safety is our top priority, as is, of course, our greatest contribution to your health. We believe that with our technical expertise and protective measures we will take, we will be able to continue to offer you our services at the highest possible level.

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