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Mrs Anninos’ office will be will be closed between June 6th to 11th/The SCIO Device - Advanced Training event

Mrs Anninos’ office will be will be closed between June 6th to 11th. Mrs Anninos will be attending The SCIO Device - Advanced Training event ( June 7 – 10 – 2012) in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary.

Main speakers of the event:

Prof. William Nelson
•    Professional Rating System for Alternative Medicine Products or Devices. Validation and Verification
•    Laugh Medicine and Humor Treatment of Every Major Disease A to Z

Dr. Iosif Mezei
•    Steps & Principles for a Complete Medical Diagnosis with SCIO                           
•    Blood Fever Virus from Mythos to Clinical Reality

Dr. Matthias Heiliger
•    Holistic Biofeedback of An Actual Clinical Case of Heart Disease 
•    Holistic Cancer Biofeedback Breast
•    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Stephanie Heiliger
•    Miasms
•    Addiction
•    Anxiety   

Gage Tarrant
•    Beyond Reductionism Part 1: How to clinically integrate the mental, physical and emotional components to resolve 21st century prosperity obstacles through energetic medicine
•    Beyond Reductionism Part 2: Working with "Cancer Miasm" signatures in session
•    Smoking Cessation

Please find below all the necessary information for The SCIO Device - Advanced Training event.

Expo Congress Hotel (www.expohotelbudapest.com)
H - 1101 Budapest, Expo ter 2. / Tel: +36 1 263 6800 / info@expohotel.hu

The conference fee is 320 Euro per participant.

Registration  Deadline: until June 5th, 2012 as there is a limited number of seats.

Registration Form
Participants are required to contact us via e-mail info@scioqxci.net or phone 0040 740 170 133 in order for us to send a Registration Form

Expo Congress Hotel, Budapest
Special price - Single/Double room: 54.-EUR/ night/room

You are required to arrange your accommodation by contacting Expo Congress Hotel (www.expohotelbudapest.com) and to specify your participation in the SCIO event for room discount.

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