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The EternaleTM Experience

The Eternale™ Rejuvenation System facilitates your ability to release every day stress from within; thus harmonizing your mind, body and skin through individual bio-signature patterns. By using a variety of modalities, the process gently rebalances the electrical patterns associated with aging and stress, helping you realize your innate radiant beauty. Clients experience a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation and bliss. This unique beauty system allows for customization of our high quality skin care line through the E-fusion process.

The Eterna Homeopathic Formulas amplify the effects of your EternaleTM Sessions with safe, effective formulas engineered to accelerate your appearance/performance enhancement program and your total health goals.

Eterna Remedies:

  • Eterna-Enviro. Active Ingredients: Taraxacum 3x, Uva Ursi 4x, Capsicum 5x, Trifolium Pratense 4x, Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 9x, Juglans Nigra 12x, Petroleum Crudum 12x, 30x, 100x, 1000x.
  • Eterna Fit. Active Ingredients: Crategus Oxyacantha 2x, Calendula Off. 3x, 6x, 100x, 1000x, Thuja Occidnetalis 4x, 100x, 1000x, Arnica Montana 3x, 100x, 1000x, Arsenicum Album 6x, 100x, 1000x.
  • Eterna Glow. Active Ingredients: Gingko Biloba 2x, Euphrasia Officinalis 2x, 3x, Collagen 4x, Elastin 4x, Belladonna 6x, Aesculus Hippocastanum 9x, Cimicifuga Racemosa 4x, Caulophyllum Thalictroides 4x.
  • Eterna Lift. Active Ingredients: Passiflora Incarnata 2x, Collagen 4x, Elastin 4x, Euphrasia Officinalis 3x, Belladonna 6x, Aesculus Hippocastanum 9x, Cimicifuga Racemosa 4x, Caulophyllum Thalictroides 4x.
  • Eterna Lux. Active Ingredients: Beta Vulgaris 2x, Hydrocotyle Asiatica 3x, Polygonum Multiforum 4x, Antimonium Crudum 6x, Folicum Acidum 5x, Calendula Officinalis 5x Thuja Occidentalis 100x, Arnica Montana 100x.
  • Eterna Serene. Active Ingredients: Valeriana Officanalis 2x, Chamomilla 2x, Arctium Lappa 3x, Cimicifuga Racemosa 3x Apis Regina 6x, Coffea Cruda 9x, 100x, 1000x, Nicotiana Tabacum 12x, 1000x Lithium Carbonicum 6x.
  • Eterna Shape. Active Ingredients: Foeniculum Vulgare 2x, Fucus Vesiculosus 2x, Maca 3x, Calcarea Carbonica 6x, Antimonium Crudum 6x, Caulophyllum Thalictroides 6x, Saccharum Album 100x, 1000x.
  • Eterna Sphere. Active Ingredients: Panax Quinquefolium 2x, Plantago Major 3x, Oenothera Biennis 3x, Lycopodium Clavatum 6x, Iodium 9x, bryonia Alba 6x, Calcarea Carbonica 6x.
  • Eterna Vitale. Active Ingredients: Paullinia Cupana 3x, Prunus Laurocerasus 3x, Oleander Nerium Odroum 3x, Cobaltum 9x, Iodium 9x, Arsenicum Album 8x, Zincum Metallicum 6x.
  • Eterna Youth. Active Ingredients: Passiflora Incarnata 2x, Ethyl Mercaptan 7x, Thuja Occidentalis 6x, Apis Regina, 6x, Lurong 3x, Gingko Biloba 3x, Colostrum 6x.
Our high quality assurance:

The National Drug Code (NDC) stamp and NDC #, found on every label, indicates that the FDA has reviewed each ingredient and its potency against the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. These are the highest quality manufacturing guidelines possible.

Create an oasis of relaxation and regeneration in your own home! The Eternale™ Rejuvenation system requires no certification; it is so easy to use many people purchase a system for their own personal use, or simply to share with friends and family.

Eternale™ has a program for everyone who is actively seeking gentle, non-invasive, almost effortless and entirely pain free approaches to:

  • Enhance your appearance
  • Weight management
  • Curb cravings
  • Be more motivated to get fit
  • Reduce stress
  • Relax
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce the effects of aging and gravity
  • Enhance your performance
  • Improve your energy
  • Look and feel more youthful
  • Tone your body and facial muscles
  • Increase your self esteem
  • Look and feel great

Relax. Rejuvenate. Recharge with Eternale!


The Eternale’s unique ability to relax a user during a session has been proven to alleviate the negative effects that are brought on by daily stressors. With just one session, the user is able to unwind, while the body and mind are restored to a place of peace, tranquility and restfulness.


The Eternale allows your body to take a break from the imbalance caused by environmental stressors, pollutants and day-to-day habits that can overburden your system. Eternale supports the body in releasing these stressors, allowing for optimal rejuvenation on all levels.


Eternale’s micro-current technology uses gentle electrical stimulation to trigger the body’s natural impulses; energizing muscles and facial tissue. Gentle electrical impulses also allow your body to recharge so that you can reach and sustain your maximum potentials.

To find out more about how to book a session, or to learn about purchasing a device, contact your local professional Eternalist.

Dr. Violetta Anninou, Ph.D.

Diplomate and Board Certified Quantum Academies, Beverly Hills, California, USA.

Mentoring Worldwide

Molecular Biologist with HONORS, University of Delaware, U.S.A.

Holds two doctorates:

1. Holistic Nutrition, Highest Honors, U.S.A.


Post Graduate Studies in Neuro-Anatomy, in Neuroelectro-Physiology and Neurology, Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Awarded for her research in Molecular Biology from Dupont, Delaware, U.S.A. (Dupont Medical Research)

Candidate Ph.D. in Quantum Integrative Medicine, U.S.A.
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