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Spa EternaleTM - Press Release

On Thursday September 24th from 6 - 9 pm Spa EternaleTM celebrated its Grand Opening in Calgary. The Calgary location will be the first of many sites scheduled to open around the globe; already the company has investors coming forth to recreate the model.

The EternaleTM Beauty System is the first of its kind to work with relaxing the muscles which cause facial lines, wrinkles and unhealthy patterns of holding in the physical body. Simultaneously the client listens to guided imagery and audio relaxation exercises which support the transformation of unhealthy belief systems, misalignment and tension; while beautiful musical compositions sound with Solfaggio tones to stimulate states of deep peace and meditation.

Spa EternaleTM is an entirely unique twist on the traditional Spa Industry; offering an innovative new technology that is reshaping the definition and experience of relaxation and beauty. While most spa services focus on creating beauty on the outside; the EternaleTM works to bring forth the clients natural inner beauty, relaxation, confidence and self esteem.

Spa EternaleTM offers an affordable “business in a box” alternative to the expensive investments required when entering the spa industry; the income potential for a Spa EternaleTM is significantly increased due to the automated nature of the services; and fantastic residual income potentials from products.

Please call to find out about our beauty and stress reduction packages, corporate wellness packages and gift certificates. To book your session call 40 - ETERNALE or 1(403) 837 6253 or visit For more information about this opportunity please contact

EternaleTM Rejuvenation System - Press Release

Nadine Cutright is the founder and creator of the revolutionary EternaleTM Rejuvenation System. She earned a BA from UCLA in Fine Arts. She is an accredited hypnotherapist, nutritional coach and biofeedback specialist who has worked in complementary modalities for over 25 years. Her belief is that all people are in charge of managing their own wellness and beauty. “Whatever the mind believes, the body will follow” is a creed she shares with her clients.

Pursuing her journey to deliver tools for ultimate wellness, she began as the EternaleTM developer seven years ago; researching, designing and collaborating with a team of highly qualified experts from several arenas of the wellness paradigm. The result is a far reaching, cohesive EternaleTM Program. The EternaleTM system of products is now an international phenomenon, garnering enthusiastic participation from all over the world.

At the heart of the EternaleTM Rejuvenation System is a sophisticated program created to fulfill the public demand for energetic programs which are non-invasive, free from risky side-effects and which produce amazing results. The company values the philosophy of “try energy first.” and its goal is to continue to bring the best products, technology and “profound effects of the subtle” to the forefront of the beauty and wellness movement.

The use of subtle energetics in both the medical and beauty worlds have a long history. Many vital functions in the body are controlled or triggered by electric voltages and currents. Everything from neurons to muscle movement is dependent on subtle signals within the body, including the heart. Some of these electrical signals can be measured through the skin, with the right kinds of equipment. A familiar example is the electrocardiogram, or ECG, which displays the fluctuating voltages of the heart muscle as it pumps blood throughout the body. Many other devices take advantage of this phenomenon in everyday practice, from lie detectors which detect stress reactions to motion control components in modern games that use sensors on the head to reflect differing brain wave types and can also be used to move images on the computer screen.

Likewise, subtle and soothing currents applied to the skin can enhance appearance and a variety of instruments have been used by estheticians as well as home users. Other examples include a variety of massage machines and over the counter devices for hair removal.

The EternaleTM performs both measuring and generating output signals at up to 12 locations on the body at a time. It can read very fine signals on the skin, as well as selectively sending various soothing waveforms at different frequencies and amplitudes.

The EternaleTM is driven by PC software, which calculates the various readings sent to it by the EternaleTM device and then determines which response such as waveform type, frequency and amplitude to output. This information is passed back to the EternaleTM device, which then generates and outputs the waveforms as requested on the computer screen.

For more information about EternaleTM, please visit our website, or call us at 877-388-2007.

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