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Clinical Study Number 2 Summary Report

Find out more about the recent Clinical Study#2 completed in Seattle (USA), Timisoara (Romania), Paris (France) and Speyer (Germany).

Maitreya Kft. recently completed a double-blind, placebo controlled Clinical Study in 4 testing sites:  Seattle (USA), Timisoara (Romania), Paris (France) and Speyer (Germany). We are deeply grateful to all of those involved in all four testing sites for their time, energy and enthusiasm to help complete this Clinical Study.

We call this Clinical Study #2 and the Summary Report can be found by clicking this link:  Clinical Study #2 Summary Report.

There was no report for Clinical Study #1 because that study was not completed to the end.  We learned a lot from the testing sites for Clinical Study #1 which helped us to create a better protocol, better monitoring and better completion of Clinical Study #2.

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